Obeying the metronome, struggling against the metronome

Written and designed novel about music in World War II.

Obeying the metronome – Struggling against the metronome
"Obeying the metronome – struggling against the metronome" is a novel written and visualized by myself. It contains the myth of my grandfather, who was a musician and soldier in World War II. Adding a haunting story to his vita, investigated historical facts and the stories he told me about his life before, the novel plays in a time where there was no place for human emotions, where there was no place for emotion in the music. Thrown from one scene to another, it comes out how life was around and inside the war.
Inside the novel, elements are added to visualize both instruments – the saxophone and the clarinet. Notes are added to the running text to give accents to the audibility of the text. Pictures of different saxophones and clarinets show the diversity of the instruments, close-ups seem to make the metal and wooden part of them tactile.
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