Freifilm Kino Coburg – visual identity & posters

Design of posters and the visual identity of the Freifilmkino Coburg, an initiative for open-minded and fee-free films.

The 'Freifilmkino Coburg' (an open cinema project in Coburg) is an initiative by students and workers to show films on social and economical-critical issues on different places in the city. It is used to activate the critical mind of the citizens and funded by donations during the showings and members of the initiative 'Alternative Kultur Coburg e. V.'.

To promote the events, I designed a visual identity very quickly due to very short deadlines before the distribution of posters and flyers. Sometimes the copyright of films wasn't sure, so films changed in the evening before deadlines. Unfortunately, 'Kriegerin' could never be shown.

The basic design had to be done quick, but clever and with respect on the issues. The whole visual identity is in black and white in order to emphasize the D.I.Y.-style of the whole event and to keep the production of flyers cheap. The headline is set in the PiS Neo Print M319, a Grunge-Version of the Helvetica. The Logo shows typical film strips, which could also be broken railings or a broken bar code to visualize a 'free' and 'fee-free' film.
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