Alternative Culture: Queer Party Poster

Poster design for a queer party.

Alternative Culture: Queer Party Poster
The Alternative Culture society has been founded in 2015 by students and interested people as a platform for political, ecological and socially critical projects. Frequent events support social projects and new actions.
On July 22, there has been a party on the subject of 'lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and anti-homophobia' to sensitize people on the discrimination due to birth, religion, appearance, gender and sexuality and to dance in common to support a tolerant society. So, the poster for this event should not be too stereotype, but colorful and motivating. The communication works by the color and the typography. It is not the color of a rainbow, but a warm gradient growing from a cold blue to a warm red underlines the wish towards acceptance. One part of the text is placed upside down and is therefore a little bit 'queer' - in a loud and self-confident way. The headline text on the flyer can be read from both sides. Both texts meet together in the middle. The typeface "TT Rounds" supports an open-minded, friendly communication by adding rounded, 'smiling' letters (such as the 'e' or the 'a'). Besides the visual characterism, the poster attracts attention by its colors even in a very colorful environment.

The publicity was placed in local bars, in the nearby university and was spread by friendly queer and anti-racist institutions. For this event, the promotion succeeded: Almost 150 people partied in common against intolerance and homophobia the small town of Coburg, usually having no party audience during the week.

'Love and dance with the world!'

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